2000 KD Key Remote Generator Tokens


Product Code: 2000KDTOKENS

2,000 x Key Remote Generator Tokens

The KD key remote generator tokens from Tradelocks are for both the KD200 and KD900 key remote generators.
Though a majority of remote functions on the KD machines are free and no tokens are used, there are remote functions that will charge you key remote tokens. Tokens are used on premium remotes, and remotes requiring PC access to a 3rd party server to generate.
It is difficult to say exactly how many key remote tokens each remote will cost you, however an average charge is between 10 to 100 tokens dependent on the remote and the cost of the original remote. 
A guide on different key remotes and how many tokens they take can be found by clicking here.
Other Tokens Available:

1,000 Tokens - Please Click Here




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