2-in-1 's

Impressive Results with Genuine Lishi 2in1's

Choosing Lishi Tools means choosing quality and with the Genuine Lishi 2in1 range available at Universal Imports that's exactly what you get! Impress your clients with fast and effective picking and decoding with this revolutionary auto locksmith tool range. A perfect combination of the 2 most used tools by professional auto locksmiths you get the pick and decoder in one compact and comfortable tool. 

The Genuine Lishi 2in1 Pick and Decoder combination are available for all car makes and models. Whether you have decided to upgrade your current toolbox or are just getting in the locksmith trade and are looking for the best lock tools on the market choosing Lishi tools is by far the best investment. Be able to unlock any auto lock depending on the Genuine Lishi 2in1 pick and decoder you have chosen within 3 minutes. With practice and experience you will be able to finish the job faster and certainly pay off the investment for higher quality auto locksmith tools before you know it.

Well known around the world as the highest quality auto locksmith tools Lishi tools are the best on the market today. They are developed to open every auto door or trunk faster than any other tool and new tools are continuously released to ensure that they are always up to date with the latest auto locks and security changes. Covering the most car makes and models and offering the highest variety of auto locksmith tools developed to ensure results Genuine Lishi is one of the most sought after brands in the locksmith world. 

Universal Imports works closely with Genuine Lishi and offers each of the Lishi tools available as soon as they are released. We guarantee that each auto locksmith tool is of highest quality and is 100% original. If you are looking for the ideal auto lcoksmith tool look no furhter than the impressive Genuine Lishi 2in1 Picks and Decoders and certainly dont forget to check out the rest of the unbeatable Lishi tools available. Get the job done faster and pick and decode any lock within 3 minutes once you've mastered this impressive tool. Never again get caught off guard, get frustrated with maulfuncitoning tools, and certainly make the best investment of a lifetime with the amazing Genuine Lishi tools range.