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About the Company the Supplies it All: Universal Imports

Universal Imports is the leading supplier of professional lock tools, accessories, and overall home security hardware throughout Europe and quickly gaining popularity around the globe. Established in 2008 we have quickly gained the trust of thousands of professional locksmiths spanning from Europe, to Asia, and even South America. Our goal is to assure that every professional that comes to us looking for a particular lock tool, accessory, or home security product gets exactly what they are looking for at a price within their budget.

Though we have offices based in the UK our warehouses are based in China. Universal Imports also has factories in Shanghai, Hong Kong, as well as Shenzhen. Each of the Universal Imports factories have passed the ISO 9001 System which furthermore helps ensure the overall high quality of each lock tool and accessory and guaranteed fast delivery time as dispatch is prompt. Universal Imports also works with top brands such as Genuine Lishi which is currently easily considered one of the most famous auto tool brands around the globe with a variety of high quality auto locksmith tools for non-destructive entry featuring a lifetime guarantee.

For professional auto locksmiths Universal Imports has put together a fantastic collection of high quality handpick sets, destructive and non-destructive entry tools, key programmers and cloners, a master, slave, and transponder key to cover every car make and model, and numerous accessories to make your work easier and faster. As new vehicle models are always being released Universal Imports continues to add onto the list of auto locksmith tools best suitable to defeat their locks and ignition.

Professional domestic locksmiths are certainly well taken care of as well with a wide range of bump tools and keys, handpicks, keys, key cutting machines, safe tools, and much more. Choose from some of the latest designs in lock tools and some of the most effective options available for professional locksmiths around the globe.

With a dedicated team Universal Imports serves thousands of professional locksmiths around the globe providing them only the highest quality based on their budget and assuring that if there is a new lock tool on the market, we’ve got it. By choosing Universal Imports you get high quality, unbeatable prices, numerous options, and speedy delivery regardless where you are located around the globe. We are the supplier dedicated not only to offering variety and great prices but to ensuring that you, as a professional locksmith, can continuously prosper from your trade. Contact us for more information about our factories, wearhouses, individual products, shipping information, or any other questions you may have and one of our helpful representatives will be more than happy to assist you.