Brass Easy Fit 6” Victorian Urn Door Knocker


Product Code: V6BRHF/V6BRHHF-MAX6

This 6 inch brass Victorian Urn Knocker is epoxy powder coated to give ultimate product durability and long life. The classic door knocker will add a touch of style and enhance the look of any door, and with the incorporation of our Hidden Fix technology there will be no visible signs of unsightly fixings on the inside of the door.

The Hidden Fix Door Knocker has a super strong, waterproof adhesive covering, so now fitting a beautiful and stylish door knocker is a quick, simple and cost effective process.

This innovation removes the need to drill through the door resulting in a much cleaner, smoother look on the inside. The chance of water ingress and rot is also eliminated meaning water damage will be a thing of the past. With the right know how, Hidden Fix can also be removed quite easily leaving no damage to the door.

No skill is required to fit this door knocker, just a screwdriver or drill, tape measure and pencil.

The MAX6MUM SECURITY Easy Fit Door Knocker comes in high impact yellow and black blister packaging, the pack includes a self-adhesive lollipop for fixing, fixing screws and full fitting instructions.

Available with or without a spy hole. 

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