Broken Drill Extractors

USA based brand Peterson is now available for professional locksmiths in the Universal Imports. We have put together a variety of Peterson tools including the impressive Peterson Broken Drill Extractors.

The two featured products for extracting broken drill bits are developed to outlast and outperform the competition. The Broken Drill Bit Extractor allows you to extract a variety of broken drill bits up to ¼ inches thick by means of a solid grip ensuring success every time. For a different approach the fantastic Peterson Broken Drill Un-Winder is a fantastic option for difficult bits to un-jam requiring you to un-wind them. Ideally, these two lock tools are used together to get a higher success rate with any chip which may have been jammed. 

High Quality Peterson Broken Drill Extractors 

Both of the Peterson Broken Drill Extractors are a very important part of the Peterson’s Save and Vault range which ensure that any broken or jammed parts can be reached up to 1.5 inches deep into any lock. Ideal for Safe Technicians, Peterson has put together these fantastic tools to help extract 3/16 inches too ¼ inches thick broken bits and the results are impressive. Lined with 3 layers of hard biting saw-tooth jaws there is no worry of twisting or slipping, ensuring a solid grip.

Those stubborn metal chips and tips which become broken or jammed in a lock are easily freed with a light tap of a hammer with the help of the Broken Drill Bit Un-Winders. You will be able to easily and quickly turn the broken bit loose with this set of four fantastic Broken Drill Bit Un-Winders that offer the reverse force needed to free any wedged bit. Requires no more than a twist of the wrist, a lit tap with a hammer, and the stubborn tip will be loose in no time at all and ready for the Peterson Broken Drill Extractor to do its job.

Each of the Peterson tools is developed to ensure success with every job. Designed by professionals for professionals they are made durable to withstand regular use and guarantee comfort with some of the most impressive handles on the market. Peterson is a USA based company that is quickly taking the world by storm with their impressive lock tools and designs that work time and again.