Broken Key Extractors

The fantastic Peterson Pliers are known to out-grip and certainly out-perform just about any other locksmith pliers product on the market today and their new Peterson Spiral Extractors are known to be more durable and sharper than any competitor tool as well. With a variety of tools developed to help you extract anything from any key hole you will be impressed with the ease of use, durability of the tool itself, and overall comfort of the handle which is guaranteed never to slip off the tool.

Find the Peterson Saw-Tooth Extractors which are a fantastic tool for both professionals and novice locksmiths with their great gripping power and ease of use as well as their impressive Single Sided Extractor Kits which are ideal to make extraction easier with their extra strength and length.

Take a look at the numerous options available and the grand selection of quality Peterson Broken Key Extractor tools available at TradeLocks. 


Peterson Broken Key Extractors Feature Strongest Gripping Power on the Market

Peterson’s has quickly grown in popularity far and wide with its USA made lock tools and their fantastic Broken Key Extractor Tools range available at Universa Imports is the ultimate choice for any professional locksmith. Being called on a key extracting job requires precision, patience, and high quality lock tools developed to be durable, effective, and comfortable to use. Aside from having to extract keys many other objects tend to get lodged in locks and by always having a variety of key extractor tools at hand will ensure that you are prepared to take on any job. Known for developing extractors with the “wet or dry” hands feature ensuring comfort and the single sided extractors are known around the globe for their great gripping power Peterson’s listens to locksmiths to develop tools that are not only effective but comfortable, fast, and durable.

Universal Imports has put together a fantastic collection of options from the Peterson’s Broken Key Extractor Tools range to ensure that you can find exactly what you need at the price that best fits your budget. We offer not only individual auto locksmith tools such as the Mini Saw Extractor which is now finally available individually after numerous requests from satisfied customers that have purchased it in the Peterson Extractor Kits. Featuring everything from gripping power, ease of use, and the ability to get a good grip of the broken key blank the Mini Saw-Tooth Extractors are ideal for smaller locks and padlocks.

You can choose from small packs that include anywhere from 2 to 5 lock tools such as the 3 Piece Extractor Scissors Set which is featured in a leather case. This is a fantastic choice if you work with more than one key profile as it includes the Ice Tong Extractor Pliers for rotating cocked key tips, Saw Blade Left ensuring maximum grip for left-over-right key profiles, and the Saw Blade Right ideal for right-on-left key profiles.

Universal Imports also features several larger sets that include either one particular tool in all its forms or a variety of the numerous key extractor tools by Peterson. One such set is the Extractor Kit 2 which offers everything you need to extract a key whatever job you are on. Each lock tool is laser cut from 1095 Carbon Steel which ensures that they are more durable, sharper, and tougher than anything else you will find on the market. With plenty of variety in the kit suitable not only for sports but professional locksmiths this is the ideal choice on the field.

Universal Imports offers fast and secure shipping to worldwide thus ensuring that you are able to have access to some of the best lock tools on the market . Peterson lock tools are developed to ensure not only effectiveness but are developed of the highest quality steel, use professional and better production techniques, and have innovative designs based on feedback from locksmiths in the field.