Bump Hammers

As with all other Peterson’s Tools the Peterson Bump Hammer range offers an impressive array of options with numerous fantastic features making them some of the best on the market. TradeLocks is bringing Peterson Tools to professional locksmiths worldwide and introducing them to the high quality, innovative designs, and overall effectiveness of the lock tools offered by this brand.

The fantastic Peterson Bump Hammer is a brand new development of the highly sought after Tommy Hawk Bump Hammer that took the professional locksmith world by storm. Unlike the Tommy Hawk Bump Hammer though, the Peterson Bump Hammer ensures a steadier and firmer grip by featuring a narrower handle and a texture finish. With this great lock tool you will be successful in bumping as you will be allowed more flexibility depending your particular preference which will in turn help control the results you will get. The bump hammer and its weight kit will allow you to take full control to match it to your individual demand. 

Impressive and Effective Peterson’s Bump Hammers

Designed to not incorporate the sharp corners of the Tommy Hawk Bump Hammer the Peterson Bump Hammer is the ultimate re-design of this all time favorite bump tool. Though approximately the same size and weight as the Tommy Hawk Bump Hammer it features a narrower and more ergonomic handle which features a finish that is textured in order to provide you with a firmer grip and in turn giving you steadier results. The key design feature is the ability to vary the hammer weight via the weight holes in order to achieve the desired results.

After high demand from professional locksmiths Peterson re-designed the hammer so as to offer features to allow for flexibility. In the past European locksmiths have developed handles which they make out of shoe leather so as to get the most flexible handle all the while the least amount of follow-through.  On the other hand some locksmiths prefer firmer handles with harder strikes and steadier swings instead and Peterson delivers.  The Peterson Bump Hammer range offers something for every professional looking for a bump hammer to suit their needs and personal preferences.

The fantastic range of Peterson tools and particularly their Peterson Bump Hammer and accessories will impress any locksmith regardless if they are in the US. Designed to ensure comfort and ease of use all Peterson Tools feature perfectly designed handles for best results.