ByPass Tools

Euro Developed Peterson’s Bypass Lock Tools 

The Peterson Euro Master DAME’s Bypass Kit is a fantastic collection that represents the quality and overall impressive designs of the brand. Designed for professionals working in Europe and the UK the kit includes everything needed to overcome any lock. With 2 Push Wires, the Peterson Knife and Peterson Mini Knife, Adam’s Rite Latch Tools, as well as two 2 ½” x 5” bypass shims all put together in an easy to carry and very durable and organized leather bi-fold case. To top it off Peterson has also included the fantastic Peterson Euro Thumbturn 4 Piece Bypass Set plus a great American Padlock Bypass Set, and lastly the brand new two piece “Silver Bullet” set which will help you defeat Master Lock models 1-6 (remember shims are required for models #5 and #6)

The Peterson Euro Thumb Turn 4 Piece Bypass Kit is a copulation of 4 bypass tools developed to overcome the common problem with picking thumbturn cylinders which feature an inverted layout. With longer stems to reach the deepest keyways, two wire thickness choices, and a comfortable and perfectly balanced handle you will get faster and more effective results.

Featuring two fantastic Bypass Lock Tool Kits the Peterson options are continuously growing in popularity due to their unique and effective designs and high quality manufacturing of durable materials. The Peterson Euro Master DAME’s Bypass Kit and the smaller Peterson Euro Thumb Turn 4 Piece Bypass Kit are both a fantastic choice for any professional locksmith and offer a great value for money. Both have fantastic features which exceed all competitive tools and kits and ensure fast and easy results. Designed specifically for professional locksmiths working in Europe and more specifically the UK the kits are ideal for Euro style door security hardware