Product Code: CANFHRNT79

This is the CANEMU Can Filter for the BMW CAS4. 
CANEMU is created to swap CAN messages via the car CAN network. The main CANEMU function helps car owners repair (exchange to used parts) broken car electronic computers and keep original car data, such as the odometer, coding and others functions.
The CANEMU Can Filter for the BMW CAS4 can be used with these cars:
  • BMW F-series cars CAS4. CANEMU block odometer value from CAS4 to instrument cluster and diagnostic tester. If CANEMU is installed in CAS4, the dealer workshop scanner (BMW ICOM or INPA) will show the main odometer mileage in CAS4 in the same way as in instrument cluster.

CANEMU is tested on F01, F02 with 1L15Y processor, F10 and F07 (BMW GT) with 1L15Y and 5M48H processors and on F25 ( new X3). After CANEMU instalation diagnostic tester (BMW ICOM or INPA) it shows the CAS4 as the same mileage as on instrument cluster.


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