Car Keys on Your – NEW AND EXCLUSIVE



Car Keys on Your Phone’ is the World’s first Mobile Phone Emergency Car Opening Key and it is exclusive to Tradelocks in the UK and Eire. Possibly the biggest product in the auto locksmith industry, ‘Car Keys on Your Phone’ is exclusive to those who own a KeyDIY KD900, meaning that you can offer your customers a product that allows them to simply use their mobile phone to open their car.


Now no one ever has to lock their keys in their car again! With ‘Car Keys on Your Phone’ the owner of a vehicle can open it using their mobile phone via a secure app. Currently with ‘Car Keys on Your Phone’your customers will be able to open the vehicle but not start the vehicle, making it a secure product.


Car Keys on Your Phone’ will sell to many people in different situations:

* You can sell it as an upgrade when attending a vehicle lock out situation

* Sell it to young people wanting the latest gadgets

* You can even sell it as a safety feature for loved ones


So order your ‘Car Keys on Your Phone’ today and be the first to offer your customers this fantastic new product!



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