Citroen Transponder Keys and Remote Controls

If you regularly work with Citroen locks then certainly you have had requests for replacement keys and transponders and our Citroen Transponder Keys and Remote Controls range will certainly help you fill that gap. By offering transponder programming as well as key cutting services you give your business the necessary boost ahead of the competition. In the past it was impossible for locksmiths to offer these services as they were done exclusively at the car dealership however in recent times both lock tools and accessories have become available that allow professionals to provide replacement transponders as well as car keys to car owners. Universal Imports offer a variety of options covering nearly all car makes and models ensuring that you are able to not only provide this service but do it professionally with numerous options to work with.

Currently in our Citroen Transponder Keys and Remote Controls range we are offering the Transponder Key Citroen Keys (VA2) which is developed of high quality nickel plated brass and made fine to ensure that it is not only easy to work with but durable to withstand everyday use. It features a replacement cover which can actually be used on different blades and fits on any kind and size of transponders. The fantastic extra on this key is that though it does not feature any logo on it this can be requested and customized based on your customer needs. Though currently this is the only product in our Citroen Transponder Keys and Remote Controls range we are working on building onto the options and giving you more of a variety soon.

 Choosing to work with key transponders and offering key cutting services is an ideal way to ensure that you get a regular flow of customers on a regular basis. This is because every day people lose their keys and every day people break them and this is a service which will always be sought after as it’s a lot less expensive to turn to a professional locksmith rather than to the car dealership in such situations. If you are unsure which transponder key, remote control, or key shell your customer needs or if you are interested in investing in transponder programming tools or key cutting tools contact us and one of our helpful representatives will guide you through the buying process to ensure you get exactly what you need.