Jaguar Transponder Keys and Remote Controls

Universal Imports offers a variety of Jaguar Transponder Keys and Remote Controls suitable for all Jaguar models. It’s essential to understand the importance of transponder keys in order to appreciate fully why they are so important and in turn why they tend to be far more expensive than regular keys. Transponder keys feature a special chip inside of them which requires to be coded specifically with programming equipment. This chip in turn needs to be perfectly matched with a similar chip inside the vehicle ignition. If it is not matched to the chip inside the ignition when you insert the key and attempt to start the vehicle it will not start the ignition. The use of transponders has grown greatly since 1990 when they were initially introduced. Today most vehicles feature transponder chips both in the ignition as well as the keys.

In the past professional locksmiths didn’t have access to professional auto locksmith tools which allow them not only to cut keys but to program the transponders as well. In turn car owners didn’t have any choice but to go only to the car dealership to get replacement or duplicate keys. This service was usually very expensive and with so few dealerships offering the service for specific car makes and models the wait time was long. Today through suppliers such as Universal Imports professional locksmiths have access not only to the necessary lock tools for cutting and programming keys but also to a variety of transponder keys and remote controls. This variety provides customers the opportunity to choose a transponder not only based on their budget but also on their specific needs as well, such as several buttons for unlocking the vehicle, alarm, and much more.

Universal Imports supplies a wide range of key transponders and remote controls covering most if not all car makes and models. Our Jaguar Transponder Keys and Remote Controls range will continue to grow as new products become available. If you are interested in offering programming services or key cutting services Universal Imports features numerous high quality auto locksmith tools and a variety of accessories all shipped internationally. Choose us for all your auto locksmith needs and we guarantee not to disappoint!