CY24 Keyline Car Key Pod - Y159TK


Product Code: GL-KEYPOD-CY24

The CY24 Keyline Car Key Pod

The CY24 Keyline Car Key Pod offers an economic way of re-using transponder chips from damaged or broken keys by inserting them in a chipless shell, creating a new key.

Keyline Pod Keys have a universal plastic head that can hold all kinds of programmable transponder and it can also contain a compatible or original chip (including compatible glass and carbon transponder chips) for encrypted code duplication or even fixed code, bringing countless benefits and the possibility of many different uses.

Keyline products are known for their quality and versatility, with the guarantee of certified materials and expert mechanical precision. The Car Key Pod range specifically serves over 256 car models, which represents a great opportunity for automotive locksmiths and drivers.

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