Cylinder Commercial & Domestic Locksmith Tools

Every professional locksmith should be prepared with quality cylinder tools for both commercial and domestic doors and Universal Imports has everything needed to stock your toolbox. Euro Cylinder locks are among the safest on the market and certainly the most installed to boost both residential and commercial front door security. By upgrading their front door to a euro cylinder lock your customers improve their overall home security by tenfold. However, just like with every other lock keys get misplaced, they break inside the lock, and people get locked out, and that is where you come in.

Making the Euro cylinder locks almost impenetrable by intruders is key, however this means your job will be slightly harder. There are different types of cylinder locks and thus different means to unlock them. Some can easily be unlocked by a professional using one of our professional handpick sets, while others require some extra tools and training. We offer quality snapper bars and head replacements, pins and circlips for Euro locks, and sturdy door spreaders. In addition if you have a client that has a broken key in the lock or something is lodged inside the keyhole you can easily and quickly extract it with the key extraction tool.

There is everything necessary from unlocking, extracting, decoding, repining, and replacing a lock plus much more in accessories and extras. Professional locksmiths around the globe turn to us for all their locksmith tool needs, whether for residential or commercial properties. In order to ensure you get continued customer return and recommendation you must continuously impress on every call with a well stocked toolbox and the latest equipment and tools to get through the most recent security measures.

Shipping around the globe and service Europe, Asia, and the Americas, Universal Imports works hard to continuously bring you the latest on the locksmith tool market. Euro Cylinder locks have been and always will be one of the most sought after locks for improved front door security, though the name is the same, there are continuous updates in how they are made to prevent the most common break-in techniques such as “bumping” and “snapping”. This means you must be prepared with quality tools to bypass these security measures and get the lock opened for your customers. Universal Imports provides you with the tools necessary to achieve just this at the most competitive prices on the European, Asian, and American market.