Decoders and Direct Readers

Only the Best with Genuine Lishi Readers and Decoders

Improve your auto locksmith toolbox with the help of Universal Imports and the impressive Genuine Lishi Readers and Decoders. Nothing is more impressive than working with a Lishi tool and opening any vehicle door with ease and speed. The key to getting ahead of the competition is to always be prepared and have the right kind of lock tools at hand to get the job done. 

Be the first that clients call when they require fast and effective service. Get the right Lishi tools to get the job done. In order to become the most sought after locksmith you must be able to unlock any auto door and Universal Imports has the tools for it. Lishi has quickly grown as one of the most popular auto locksmith tool brands and with good reason, they offer tools for every auto lock, have unmatched quality, and are affordable even for beginner locksmiths. The speed at which you will be able to decode a lock will be unmatched once mastered. 

If key cutting services are part of your list or if you plan on adding it then certainly the Genuine Lishi Readers and Decoders range should certainly be considered. Combined with the Lishi tool quality they should be your first choice for stocking your auto toolbox with quality and effective tools. With the Genuine Lishi Direct Readers and Decoders you will be able to find the key heights even if the key isn’t present, plus it doesn’t require you to pick the lock first which further helps you save precious time while you work. As Lishi tools are always up to date with the latest changes in auto lock designs no lock will stand in your way.

Taking the next step and investing in quality Genuine Lishi tools is key to helping your business grow. Lishi tools are known not only throughout Asia, England, and the US but offer some of the most popular products around the world. The Lishi logo is one of the most recognized in the world of professional locksmiths as it symbolizes quality. Lishi offers the widest range of decoders and direct readers that can unlock the most auto locks than any other manufacturer. Universal Imports is always ready to offer the newest Lishi tools to ensure that wherever you are around the globe you can unlock even the newest cars. Choose Universal Imports for all your auto locksmith tools and don’t forget to stock up on the highest quality Lishi Decoders and Direct Readers. Lishi tools are the most sought after and recognized auto locksmith tools around the globe and you can find them all here at Universal Imports at the most competitive price.