Door Chains and Door Guards

Door Security Chains and Guards

The MAX6MUM SECURITY Door Chains and Guards ensure added door security and combined with fast international shipping from Universal Imports you can get yours today. Choose from the Extra Strong Door Guard, the Extra Strong High Security Door Chain, or the Extra Strong Sliding Door Chain you can easily protect every entry to your home and ensure further door security. Prevent intruders from pushing their way into your home by preventing them from gaining access with a secure chain or guard. They allow you to open your door just enough to communicate with whoever is on the other side of the door or receive a letter but can withstand someone trying to push their way in through the door. They are also a great addition to the doors at night as even if someone is able to pick your locks they won’t gain access to the home due to the guard or chain.

Deter forced entry and ensure your door security with the Extra Strong Sliding Door Chain and the Extra Strong Narrow Door Chain by preventing and withstanding breaking force of 200Nm, thus ensuring that even when someone attempts to kick or push the door open the chains will not break or give out. They are the ideal choice for reassurance that you are secure when answering the door. Easily fit both to any door type and boost your overall home security within minutes.

To get the highest possibly door security and prevent forcible door entry choose the MAX6MUM SECURITY Extra Strong Door Guard. Made entirely of zinc it is the perfect choice for those that have arthritis or limited hand movements as the solid locking bar is easy to flip over and ensure door security. No stress over chains and fits on any door type whether its uPVC or standard.

As with all MAX6MUM SECURITY product lines the Door Security range ensures a guarantee of two years as we are confident that you will be 100% satisfied. Universal Imports provides exceptional customer service to help you choose which Door Guard or Chain is ideal for you and offers fast and secure international shipping so you can boost your overall home security faster. Included are all fitting instructions and information for use.