Door Knockers

Attractive Victoria Urn Door Knockers

Aside from offering high quality home security solutions Universal Imports also strives to help improve the overall curb appeal of your home and the overall look of your front door with the attractive Victoria Urn Door Knockers from MAX6MUM SECURITY. Though not an absolute essential for every door they are certainly a great way to adorn it as well as make your door viewer more attractive. Everyone knows that a traditional door is always adorned with a beautiful door knocker.

So as to make your front door more welcoming to your guests and give it more of a traditional look, regardless how modern your home is, a Victoria Urn Door Knocker is the perfect choice. As with all other MAX6MUM SECURITY products these door knockers surpass all others in durability, easy of instalment, and overall effectiveness. They are a great addition if you have young children, elderly, or people that work late at night and sleep during the day as are a much quieter way for visitors to announce their arrival without disturbing anyone that may be sleeping. Choose from bolt fixings and the easy fit hidden fix door knockers. Plus, you have a choice of a solid door knocker or one with a hole for a door viewer. This is all in addition to the numerous fantastic finishes that help ensure that your knocker will be perfectly matched to the rest of the door security hardware and personal taste.

Each Victoria Urn door knocker comes with a 5 year guarantee to ensure that if at any point an issue is discovered MAX6MUM SECURITY will find a solution and are salt spray tested to ASTM B117 standards for 480 hours. Turn to Universal Imports for international shipping of some of the highest quality home security solutions and accessories from MAX6MUM SECURITY. Each of these Victoria Urn Door Knockers come with full fitting instructions that are easy to follow so as to ensure that anyone can do the installation without requiring to hire a professional.

Already a highly sought after distributor throughout the UK for quality products and great customer service, Universal Imports is quickly branching out in Europe, Asia, and the Americas where response is fantastic. This is all due to our close relationship with top brands such as MAX6MUM SECURITY of quality products both for locksmiths and homeowners.