Electric Motor High Pressure Car Washer, Cleaning Equipment


Product Code: ELEWZTW714

This is an Electric Motor High Pressure Car Washer Cleaning Equipment 

This high pressure car washer has been exported to 60 countries, and features an approved electro-motor. The motor comes in an aluminium casing which can either be Chrome and Gold or CE. 

1. High pressure car washer Features:


  • Performance approved electric motor
  • motor with aluminum casing
  • commercial grade direct drive brass cylinder ceramic plungers radial direction pump
  • hose---------Good quality hose ,sttel braid pressure hose ,28mpa,4000psi
  • Professional trigger gun with quick connect nozzles ,spray patterns 0°,15°,40°,and soap nozzle
  • with pressure adjusting valve
  • low pressure detergent injector
  • professional trigger gun with safety lock
  • 10inch pneumatic wheels
  •  with on-off switch
  • stainless steel cover -----------you also can choose the machine without cover
  • pressure gauge


2. High pressure car washer Various Applications:

  • Auto 4S serivice Station
  • Municipal Environmental Cleanning
  • Woodworking, Stone Factory
  • Mould Industry
  • Irrigating Flowers, Trees

  • Househould General Cleaning
  • Cleaning Voiture,Ground,Wall,Courtyard

High pressure car washer Technical Parameters:



Model Max pressure (psi/bar) Water Flow
RPM Power Voltage
High pressure hose G.W(KGS) Carton Dimension
1450-2.2S4 1450/80 13.7L 1450 2.2KW 210V~240V 8MM*10M 53 730*545*620
1450-2.2T4 1450/100 13.7L 1450 2.2KW 380V~415V 8MM*10M 53 730*545*620
1850-3.0S4 1850/130 13.7L 1450 3KW 210V~240V 8MM*10M 58 730*545*620
2500-3.0T4 2500/170 13.7L 1450 3KW 380V~415V 8MM*10M 57 730*545*620
2900-4.0T4 2900/200 13.7L 1450 4KW 380V~415V 8MM*10M 64 730*545*620
3600-5.5T4 3600/250 13.7L 1400 5.5KW 380V~415V 8MM*10M 85 880*630*630
3600-7.5T4 3600/250 15L 1450 7.5KW 380V~415V 8MM*10M 93 880*630*630


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