FO38 Genuine Lishi Master Key


Product Code: LISHIMKFO38

FO38 Lishi Master Key

As a locksmith you are constantly faced with different vehicle makes and models however one of the most common that locksmiths deal with is ford which makes the FO38 Lishi Master Key an essential to always have at hand and Universal Imports provides. Suitable for Ford models this master key is made durable to withstand the regular use and of course comes with the Genuine Lishi guarantee of the highest quality on the market.

If you use Genuine Lishi2in1 tools it’s an absolute must for you to stock up on master keys of car makes and models you often work with. Everyone loses their keys at one point or other or perhaps simply needs a spare key so they can always have an extra in case they lock their original in the car, either way it won’t be long till the FO38 Lishi Master Key will come in handy and pay itself off. With the Genuine Lishi2in1 Pick and Decoder in combination with this quality FO38 Lishi Master Key you will be able to quickly and effectively get the job done without wasting any time on looking for tools or fighting with a low quality master key. The FO38 Lishi Master Key is of highest quality as with all other Genuine Lishi Products.

Universal Imports works hard to offer you every slave or master key you may need at any point while you are out on a job. By continuously researching the latest products on the market and working with only popular and trusted Brands such as Genuine Lishi we are able to provide you with the newest developments in the professional locksmith trade and offer the highest quality tools. If you have invested in Genuine Lishi2in1 tools we recommend you work with only Genuine Lishi keys as well and the FO38 Lishi Master Key is fantastic choice if you are often fasted with Ford make vehicles.

Turn to Universal Imports for biggest range of products, highest quality tools and accessories from the most popular Brands in the locksmith industry, and exceptional customer service combined with fast International delivery.  Choose the FO38 Lishi Master Key from Universal Imports and your investment will be well worth it.

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