Ford Genuine Lishi Set


Product Code: NV-FORD

The Ford Genuine Lishi Set will enable to pick and find the key codes for all Ford european models from 1995 to present day. 

The Set includes the following Genuine Lishi tools. 

To enhance the dramatic difference between the standard Genuine Lishi tools, the Night Vision tools have been packaged differently. Each tool comes in its own box tube with our mascot, Lucas the Firefly on the front. We have firstly chosen our mascot to be a firefly because, similar to fireflies, our Night Vision products glow when they have been charged using light. This focus around light explains why we called our firefly ‘Lucas’ since the name stands for light. Around the outside of the box tube are the product details in the four most popular languages used in the world. These are English, Mandarin, Spanish and Russian.

The box tube contains another plastic tube and an instructions leaflet. The tube itself provides you with another added advantage over the standard Genuine Lishi tools. Not only does this packaging give the Night Vision tools extra prevention from being damaged, but you are able to join the tube to other tubes to form a carry case or a wall hanging unit using the handle which can be purchased separately. And now the Tibbe also comes in one of these box tubes so you can easily store it with your various Genuine Lishi Night Vision tools, or even all your other standard Genuine Lishi tools as you are able to buy the Lishi tray separately too.

Today, the Genuine Lishi Logo is the most recognised Trade Mark in the Auto Locksmith world. It is a symbol of quality and a registered Trade Mark of UAP Limited.

The Genuine Lishi Logo and Trade Mark is you guarantee that the tools you buy from us are sourced from high quality suppliers. If you want tools that work time and time again, and tools that are kept up to date with the changes in vehicle designs, then the Genuine Lishi brand is the one for you. Look out for authorisedGenuine Lishi Distributors, the approved Genuine Lishi Trainers, and the Genuine Lishi Logo on each product.

For more information about how to use Genuine Lishi Tools, and to find out which vehicles a tool will pick/decode, please visit or the Genuine Lishi Forum.


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