8th Generation Foil Dimple Impressioning kit


Product Code: GENQ2KKL4

This 8th Generation Foil Dimple Impressioning Kit is the newest version released in 2013. It features:

 - 8th Generation AB Lock Quick Tool

 - 8th Generation Crescent AB Foil Tool

- 8th Generation The Kabbath AB Foil TOol

 - Locksmith Tool Lockpick Gun

 - Lock Opener

 - Padlock Tool

Technically, this foil dimple impressioning kit can technically be used to open:

 - Crescent-type Buyang

 - AFA

 - Double-9

 - Murray Bulgaria

 - Vanguard

 - Coradi Double Beads

 - Ho Di

 - Dunfa

 - Jia Wei

 - Paul Dean

 - Aipu

 - Single Beads

 - New and Old Gabriel Buttonyan

 - Europe and the United States Lun Double Bead AB Kabbath Lock




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