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Genuine Lishi Tibbe Pick and Decoder – Ford

As a professional locksmith offering key cutting services is the best way to continue to grow in your trade and the Genuine Lishi Ford Tibbe Pick and Decoder from Universal Imports is a great choice as it covers numerous Ford models and even several Jaguar, Mazda, and Alfa Romeo models. With international shipping we are able to provide this and numerous other great auto locksmith tools to locksmiths around the globe at great prices that compete with all others.

The Ford Pick and Decoder is generally known as a very delicate lock tool and generally breaks easily which is why Genuine Lishi has developed the most durable and strongest on the market. Known for redesigning and redeveloping tools based on common issues that professionals face in the field Genuine Lishi provides auto locksmith tool options with numerous upgrades, features, and extras that ensure that the tool is easier to use, gets faster results, and more durable than standard tools. Though still relatively more delicate than other types of auto locksmith tools the Genuine Lishi Ford Tibbe Pick and Decoder features a stainless steel body and is silver soldered. The decoding gauge is built in thus making it the strongest Tibbe Pick and Decoder available all the while still being very user friendly.

The Genuine Lishi Ford Tibbe Pick and Decoder covers the following car makes and models:

Alfa Romeo

·         147 (1995 To 2001)


·         Transit (2002 To 2007)

·         Cougar (1997 To 2002)

·         Courier (1997 To 2002)

·         Escort (1995 To 2000)

·         Fiesta (1995 To 2008)

·         Focus (1998 To 2004)

·         Fusion (2002 To 2008)

·         KA (1996 To 2008)

·         Mondeo (1995 To 2007)

·         Puma (1998 To 2002)

·         Scorpio (1995 To 1998)

·         Transit (1995 To 2011)

·         Transit Connect (2002 To 2011)

·         Most Ford Models (1985 To 1995)


·         121 Europe (1997 To 2002)


·         S Type (1999 To 2006)

·         XJ12 (2001 To 2009)

·         XJ8 (2004 Onwards)

Ford Australia

·         Fairlane (1990 To 2000)

·         Falcon (1990 To 2002)

·         Focus (2002 To 2005)

·         KA (2000 Onwards)

·         LTD DA-DL (1990 To 2000)

·         Mondeo (1993 To 2000)

·         Territory Sx (2004 To 2005)

·         Transit (1993 Onwards)

Jaguar USA

·         S Type

·         X Type

Ford South Africa

·         Courier (1998 To 2002)

·         Escort (1998 To 2002)

·         KA (1998 To 2002)

·         Mondeo (2006 To 2007)

Universal Imports is an official Genuine Lishi Approved Distributor thus ensuring that not only each product features the highly sought after logo but guarantees 100% original Lishi tools and accessories. We offer prompt international shipping, highly trained customer service to help you choose what tool best suits your needs, and the widest selection and lowest prices on the market.

*Please note that we don’t recommend using this tool in the ignition lock as it can easily get stuck behind the dust shield. If you do not have experience in removing the tool from the ignition lock we recommend you do not attempt inserting it. When using this tool to pick and decode Ford Transit models remember that it is not suitable for opening the lock as it require more turning force than other models. To prevent damage of the lock tool pick, decode, and cut a key to open the lock. Improper use of the auto locksmith tool will void the warranty.

For more information on how to use the Genuine Lishi Tools, please visit or the Genuine Lishi Forum

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