Half Euro Cylinders

UAP Budget Zero Lift Half Euro Cylinder Locks

Universal Imports features a great option for securing a variety of doors with the UAP Budget Zero Lift Half Cylinder Locks. These great half cylinders are developed with a locking mechanism only on one side of the lock which is suitable for a number of different doors such as garage doors, broom closets, store rooms, patios, and much more. They offer a great alternative to the full cylinder locks for when locking on the inside isn’t necessary. As with the rest of the budget cylinder lock range they have security features that aid in improving overall door security and are developed to help prevent common break-in methods.

The UAP Kitemark Budget Zero Lift Half Euro Cylinder Locks feature the same zero lift technology as the full budget euro cylinders that helps prevent the use of the most common break-in method, lock bumping. Bumping of a lock requires the use of a special bump key which is inserted, clicked back, and then hit with a heavy object so as to trick the pins into falling in place and thus unlocking the door. As this is a non-destructive method and leaves almost no trace of the lock being forced open insurance companies do not pay claims as a burglary cannot be proven. Both police officers and insurance companies strongly recommend changing all of your locks with euro cylinder locks with zero lift security features to help prevent break-ins and possible further damage when you find out that your claim cannot be paid.

Universal Imports offers the UAP Kitemark Budget Zero Lift Half Euro Cylinder Locks in three different sizes so as to best fit it onto the door in a brass finish. Make sure you choose a size suitable for your door as if the lock sticks out from the door itself you make lock snapping an easy option for intruders. By choosing a lock that is too large for your door it can be snapped much easier. Universal Imports has numerous great options for both homeowners and professionals to improve the overall home security system. It’s key to always consider products that have security features that help prevent break-ins and protect from forced entry. Our budget cylinder lock range is a fantastic option if you have limited funds but have a desire to improve overall door security