HY17 Genuine Lishi Direct Reader



Genuine Lishi Direct Reader – HY17

Made of high standard stainless steel the HY17 Genuine Lishi Direct Reader from Universal Imports is easily the most durable and effective lock tool a professional can have in their toolbox. If you plan on or already do offer key cutting services you must have a wide range of auto locksmith tools for decoding and reading car key heights so as to get accurate measurements. This fantastic tool helps you save a lot of time on picking a lock and as it doesn’t require a key to be present you can easily make replacement keys for a lost original. Manufactured by the highly sought after Genuine Lishi brand this lock tool is a fantastic choice coming from one of the top brands in the industry.

The HY17 Genuine Lishi Direct Reader is suitable for the following car makes and models:


·         Sedona (2005 onwards)

·         Carens (from 2006)

·         Rondo (from 2006)

·         Rondo 7 (from 2006)


·         Avante (2006 onwards)

·         Elantra (2006 onwards)

·         Yeudong (2006 onwards)

·         I10 (2007 onwards)

·         H1 bus (2008 onwards)

Each of the Genuine Lishi auto locksmith tools has been engineered not only for durability and effectiveness but speed as well which is why professionals have deemed the brand as one of the best in the world. A fantastic investment, this tool will work time and again and offer services long after you have a full return on your investment. Universal Imports is a trusted and approved supplier of Genuine Lishi tools and guarantees that each not only features the Lishi logo but the quality and effectiveness that they are known for.

Universal Imports is always on top of the latest changes in the auto locksmith industry and seeks to make available the newest tools to defeat the latest security measures taken by car manufacturers. With international shipping we ensure that professionals around the globe are prepared for any job that may come their way and offer top auto locksmith tools at the best prices on the market. By choosing Universal Imports you get a guarantee of quality and assurance that each lock tool you purchase is genuine, durable, and effective. Find the HY17 Genuine Lishi Direct Reader and numerous other lock tools at the most competitive prices worldwide. 

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