Irish Market Replacement Cylinders

Irish Market Replacement Door Cylinder Locks 67mm Nickel (22-10-35)

The Universal Imports Irish Market Door Cylinder Locks range is a fantastic choice for the slightly thinner Irish doors from which standard Euro Cylinder Locks protrude just enough to make snapping and bumping very simple for a burglar. These great cylinders are a perfect choice as they are the ideal length to fit snugly in standard doors in Ireland. Over 80% of the homes in Ireland have unusual depth doors which generally cause problems for the homeowners as they are very easily penetrable with standard snapping techniques as there is about 5mm of the cylinder protruding from the door.

These redeveloped UAP Door Cylinder Locks (22-10-35) 67mm are marketed specifically for the Irish residents and business owners that want to add an additional safety measure to their doors and make entry much more difficult if not impossibly by intruders. In addition to the adjusted size of the lock to ensure it does not protrude added door security measures have been incorporated to prevent common break-in methods such as drilling and picking. Special features of the cylinder locks include anti pick, anti drill, anti snap, and anti bump additions. This in turn helps combat potential attacks on the lock through picking with a variety of tools, drilling with anything but a special drill bit specifically sold only to locksmiths, bumping and snapping with the help of reinforced components and special anti snap line.

The Universal Imports high security Irish Market Door Cylinder Locks are available in Brass or Nickel and can be purchased with a thumbturn or without. The choice of the thumbturn cylinders is suitable for individuals with limited hand movement or those suffer from arthritis and have a difficult time working with keys. The thumbturn feature allows them to lock and unlock the cylinder lock with ease and speed. Universal Imports has numerous great home security systems available that are suitable for both locksmiths to offer their customers or homeowners to purchase themselves and replace their own cylinder lock available with international shipping