Keyed Alike Cylinders

Keyed Alike UAP + Zero Lift Budget Cylinder Locks

The Kitemarked Keyed Alike UAP + Zero Lift Budget Cylinder Locks range on Universal Imports is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to upgrade their home security through a simple installation to your doors. What is great about the Keyed Alike Cylinder Locks is that they come in packs of two with matching cylinders so they can opened with the same key. Generally, this type of locks require a waiting time for a professional locksmith the re-pin the locks so they match but with this fast and easy option all you have to do is fit the lock onto your door.

Developed to withstand common technique attacks to your front door the Keyed Alike Locks come with a number of great features which will help you improve your front door security:

Anti-Snap: Unlike standard cylinder locks these feature two anti-snap lines at each end which prevent the snapping of the lock where the mechanism is located thus providing easy access for fast entry. When an intruder tries to snap the lock it breaks at the snap line and makes entry impossible through this form of destructive entry.

Anti-Bump: Bumping is a common problem around the globe as it provides not only fast and easy defeat of the lock but it leaves no traces of the lock being forced opened, making insurance claims near impossible. As one of the pins of this cylinder lock is located above the rest this method is impossible as a bump key cannot reach it so as to trick the cylinder lock into unlocking.

Anti-Pick: On each side of the keyed alike cylinder are three stainless steel pins with anti-pick features which help keep even professionals at bay.

Anti-Drill: So as to ensure that the lock cannot be drilled with standard drill bits there are 2 pins in the plug and 2 at the barrel with anti-drill qualities. These hardened steel pins can be penetrated with only special professional locksmith drill bits.

As with all other UAP cylinder locks the Keyed Alike Zero Lift Budget Cylinder Locks conform to the EN1303:2005 Standards and have been awarded the ‘Secure by Design’ approval given by the Association of Chief Police Officers. They have also been awarded the BS Kitemark number KM 561977 from BSi. Each pack comes with two identical cylinder locks and three keys so if you have two entries to your home and would like for both to be opened with the same key all the while improving your door security the Keyed Alike Cylinder Locks are the ideal choice for you.