Anti-Vandal Letterplates

Door Security Anti-Vandal Letterplates

Protect you personal mail with the quality Anti-Vandal Letterplates from MAX6MUM SECURITY. Universal Imports is proud to offer some of the highest quality front door security products from MAX6MUM SECURITY and these letterplates don’t in any way fall short of the innovative development, high quality, durability, and effectiveness that their Brand is well known for. Recently awarded the ‘Secure by Design’ approval from the Association of Chief Police Officers they are easily the safest and more secure letterplates on the market today.

We currently offer a variety of colours and two sizes of the Secure by Design Anti-Vandal Letterplates so as to ensure that you can find one that best suits your taste and needs. With numerous fantastic security and quality features these are easily the safest and most durable letterplates you will find. A 180 degree opening with durable and ultra-flexible springs that can withstand the everyday use and plastic surround to prevent water leaking to cause corrosion or worse destroy you mail are just some of the numerous features.

In addition the letterplates have an anti-vandal features which prevents vandals from placing unwanted items inside the cavity with outward facing brushes, which in addition help prevent draught and make posting easier. These and numerous other features help ensure that your investment is a good one and one that lasts for years to come. Made to with stand the elements and everyday use these letterplates are a perfect addition to your door security system and a great way to protect from identity theft as well as your home from vandals.

Universal Imports works hard to find only the highest quality products to offer both UK and international customers. With the MAX6MUM SECURITY Anti-Vandal Letterplates you can easily both adorn your door with an attractive letterplate as well as boost door security with their numerous features. Able to withstand the elements and regular use the letterplates prove to be a great investment. As with all other MAX6MUM SECURITY products the letterplates come with fitting instructions which are easy to follow regardless your experience with tools. Turn to Universal Imports and get only the best of the best at the lowest prices on the market.