Automated X6 Key Cutting Machine


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Cut Keys Like a Pro with the Automated X6 Key Cutting Machine

Every professional needs to continuously grow in their trade and one way to do this is with the Automated X6 Key Cutting Machine available at Universal Imports. With numerous features and functions it is by far a better choice over Slica’s and certainly a better value for money, especially considering that less expensive yet offers more to the professional locksmith. With simple comparison the Automated X6 Key Cutting Machine is actually 10% less than Slica’s and offers key cutting services for all keys with just one machine.

One of the reasons that the X6 Key Cutting Machine is a great choice is that it can be used to make a new key with or without the original being present. This means that even if the client has lost the original key you can enter the key heights directly into the machine and still get a perfectly suitable key for the lock. Another key feature is that this key cutting machine is very portable including its very own battery powered DC electrical impulse, making it ideal for the locksmith on the go.

Here are some more features and functions that make the Automated X6 Key Cutting Machine a perfect choice:

·         Lightweight and portable

·         Various ways to cut a key: Enter number, read key tooth number, follow prompts and enter appropriate number of the head lock if details and original key is lost

·         Very user friendly

·         USP cable data transfer

·         Compatible with variety of popular key databases

·         Easy and speedy change guide pin and cutter

·         Easy maintenance



·         2 – 2.5 mm dedicated mills

·         3 – Dedicated probe 2

·         1 – Spare belt

·         1 – USB data cable

·         1 – Set electrical impulse

Universal Imports strives to offer a variety of great auto locksmith tools and accessories. One of the best ways to grow in the locksmith business is to offer key cutting services. With this portable key cutting machine you will be able to take your workshop on any location and provide your clients with fast and effective service. The Automated X6 Key Cutting Machine is by far one of the best choices on the market today and certainly a higher quality, more functional, yet less expensive option than Slica’s. 

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Average Rating: 5

Really good machine

We bought it from China and it did the job really well, especially the Nissan key, perfect cut! and price is very affordable. A must have item , we recommend.

Chinese locksmith :: 11 Dec 2013, 01:59

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