MIT8 Genuine Lishi Direct Reader



Genuine Lishi Direct Reader – MIT8

With fast results and ease of use no wonder the MIT8 Genuine Lishi Direct Reader from Universal Imports is so sought after by professional locksmiths. It’s a great tool suitable for all Mitsubishi locks that feature the MIT8 lock which makes it a very versatile auto locksmith tool to have at hand if you offer key cutting services. Genuine Lishi is overall one of the most trusted brands for auto locksmith tools and Universal Imports is proud to announce that we are official and licensed distributors assuring the high quality, durability, and effectiveness of these fantastic lock tools.

The MIT8 Genuine Lishi Direct Reader is suitable for the following types of Mitsubishi Ilko locks:






Genuine Lishi has grown in popularity over the years with their guaranteed high quality materials and overall development of their auto locksmith tools. The MIT8 Genuine Lishi Direct Reader is developed of high quality stainless steel and ensures long lasting life and high return on investment.  Each lock tool offered by Genuine Lishi comes with the recognized Lishi logo ensuring that it is not only originally manufactured by the prestigious company but that it comes backed with the quality guaranteed. Always on top of the latest changes in auto security Universal Imports strives to provide professional locksmiths tools that are highly sought after and up to date. The MIT8 Genuine Lishi Direct Reader has been tested in the field and has given results in approximately 30 seconds once inserted into the lock. With proper training you too can master this fantastic tool and service a wide range of Mitsubishi vehicles.

Universal Imports is a highly sought after supplier of auto locksmith tools around the world and with years of experience and knowledge of the auto locksmith trade the collection of tools is unbeatable. This combined without buying power and overall relationships with top brands such as Genuine Lishi has allowed us to offer our customers the best prices on the international market. With international shipping, wide range of lock tools, knowledgeable representatives, and fantastic unbeatable prices you know you are getting only the best of the best with Universal Imports.  

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