Night Vision DTI(TM) Tools

Work Anytime and Anywhere with the Genuine Lishi 3in1 Night Vision™ Attachment

The latest product developed by Genuine Lishi is the perfect companion to anyone that has invested in a Genuine Lishi 3in1 Ignition Adjusted lock tool. The Genuine Lishi Night Vision™ Attachment is an easy and fast way to transform your tool to work in low lit areas, garages, and even at night. Developed to easily click onto any of the Genuine Lishi 3in1 tools, it provides the ideal amount of light to avoid blinding you in low lit areas all the while allowing you to read the cuts easily and clearly.

Each of the Genuine Lishi Ignition Adjusted tools have been designed with small holes where the grid is marked. Once you have clicked on this genius attachment onto the lock tool the light will shine through these holes making it very clear to read. Unlike direct light attachments this will not blind you or require your eyes to readjust whilst you work as it doesn’t shine onto the grid reflecting bright light as you work but is attached to the back of it and in turn providing a backlight.

What sets this fantastic attachment apart from all the rest is the fact that it requires now power source, no batteries, and very little time to recharge. This is all possible through state of the art materials and engineering which allows the Genuine Lishi Night Vision attachment to recharge under sunlight, a torch, or even a phone light. Recharging requires no more than 30 seconds and you are ready to continue working with hours of light before you have to recharge again. Providing not only a means to work in every environment that your job takes you but an environmentally friendly and energy efficient way to recharge, the Genuine Lishi Night Vision attachment is a revolutionary development in the locksmith industry.

Genuine Lishi has been known for reinventing the overall locksmith trade with the new auto locksmith tools and accessories they offer locksmiths around the globe. Universal Imports brings this and numerous other Genuine Lishi products to locksmiths in Ireland, Scotland, and Great Britain at unbeatable prices. We are an official and licensed distributor of Genuine Lishi tools and assure you that each comes with the full Lishi guarantee which ensures you that every product is of the high quality that you expect. Never work blind again with the new Genuine Lishi Night Vision attachment and never miss an opportunity to take on a job because of light or work conditions.