Ultimate Lock Protection with Pickbuster

The best and fastest way to protect locks from ‘lock bumping’ and picking is the most revolutionary development the Pickbuster from Universal Imports. Though there are other similar products on the market nothing beats the Universal Imports quality products that are already well known throughout Europe, Asia, and the US.  A simple application and your lock cylinders are protected from the most common and most effective method to breaking into homes, ‘lock bumping’.

The ‘lock bumping’ method is relatively simple for criminals. All they need is a bump key and a heavy object. Once they insert the bump key they pull it back one click and apply pressure with a heavy object. This tricks the lock into opening and leaves absolutely no forensics trace that it has been opened by force. Generally when this method has been used there is no way to prove that the home has been broken in to, in fact in most cases the home owners are blamed for their missing belongings as it looks as if they simply left their doors wide opened for anyone to come in.

The Pickbuster relies on a high tack lubricant which is applied directing to moving parts of a cylinder lock. They in turn negate the ‘lock bumping’ and picking techniques and thus discouraging break-ins by criminals. The adapted key will not be able to effectively ‘bump’ the pins of the cylinder lock due to the lubricant and thus prevents this highly popular technique criminal’s use.

Made to fit any narrow pin cylinder lock the Pickbuster is the fastest and most inexpensive way to prevent unwanted entry into the home. Each application can last up to 2 year and ensures ultimate door security in seconds. Application doesn’t require more than simply cutting the packet and squeezing the lubricant solution or directly spraying it into the lock. Remember that in order for it to settle you must allow it to set for 4-5 hours. This makes application in the evening once you have ensured all doors are locked the ideal time as overnight the solution will have plenty of time to do its magic. Don’t worry if your key comes out with lubricant on it, simply wipe it down, after a few uses there shouldn’t be any extra solution.

Universal Imports offers numerous Pickbuster options from display cases where you can offer this inexpensive door security upgrade to large quantity packet boxes and the Pickbuster can. Boost door security with a simple application of a lubricant to your cylinder lock and stop potential criminals at the door. Universal Imports takes pride in offering only the highest quality door security solutions that are suitable for both locksmiths and homeowners.