Professional Pick Sets

Professional Peterson Handpick Sets

Professionals are always looking for the next great thing when it comes to locksmith tools and the Professional Peterson Handpick Sets range available at Universal-Imports offers a variety of high quality choices that will impress.

As professionals developing tools for other professionals, Peterson based in the USA, recognizes that locksmiths vary both in budgets and what they expect in from their tools. This is why Peterson has put together a variety of great Handpick Sets suitable for a range of different budgets and uses so as to meet the needs of more locksmiths around the world. This ensures that whatever your budget is there is a fantastic set specifically put together for you.

With quality sets including their high end handpicks made of the highly sought after Government Steel and overall innovative designs to classic handpicks upgraded with the ultra comfortable moulded in handles that outlast all others on the market the Peterson Handpick Set range features something for every professional.

Universal Imports is bringing the Peterson Handpick Set range and their numerous other tools to professional locksmiths worldwide. If you take picking seriously and are a professional or hobbyist locksmith the range of Peterson’s Professional Handpick Sets available at TradeLocks will impress. We have put together several fantastic options which will help you save both time and money all the while getting a perfectly organized and well selected collection of handpicks. Made in the USA, Peterson’s handpicks are easily the best choice on the market for both professionals and sports locksmiths.

Developed to ensure not only precision and effectiveness but also comfort the picks offered by Peterson’s feature perfectly moulded handles which ensure superb balance when you work. You will have exceptional grip onto the lock tool as you work regardless if it’s a hot and sweaty summer day or in the winter cold.

Universal Imports has put together an impressive collection of handpick sets from Peterson’s so as to provide you a wide variety of options in both uses as well as prices. From professional sets such as the 14 piece Government Steel Pick Set offers the best of the best in a small package to larger sets ideal for starting in the trade or replacing your current collection. The collection consists of the 14 highest rated picks by Peterson’s and come in a compact, easy to organize, and very attractive calf skin case. You also get several extras such as Serrated Tension Tools, Pry Bars, Saw Tooth Extractor, and Slender Picks.

Another fantastic option is the Peterson’s Phoenix Automotive Pick Set which offer a variety of auto handpicks. The collection includes not only a variety of picks but also plenty of extras which will ensure that you can put them to use and get results faster and easier through high quality tools.

Each of the high quality USA made Peterson’s Handpick Sets come in attractive, durable, and compact carrying cases which help ensure that each lock tool stays in place during transport and is easy to find while you work. Every professional locksmith understands the importance not only of proper training but the quality of the lock tools they work with. Peterson’s is well known for the unbeatable quality of picks and the development of fantastic lock tools that last longer, are more effective, and are certainly a great choice for any professional locksmith globally.