Standard Picks

Genuine Lishi Standard Picks

One thing that every professional locksmith needs in their toolbox is picks and the Genuine Lishi Standard Picks from Universal Imports are an excellent choice for many reasons. Known for their high quality products and innovative development of new auto locksmith tools Lishi has grown in popularity worldwide as a must in the toolbox. Lishi is known to offer auto locksmith tools that are able to unlock more auto locks than any other manufacturer on the market, which makes them the ideal choice for stocking up to broaden your services.

Picking locks requires that you have not only the right tools but adequate training. The Lishi Standard Picks available on Universal Imports are also sold in sets that include an instructional manual to help you improve on your lock picking technique and perhaps pick up on some tips and tricks to doing it faster and easier. Though courses are essential when first starting out in the locksmith industry the aid of the manuals which come with the Lishi standard pick sets will help you “pick” the brain of some of the most talented locksmiths and learn how they have achieved their professional level and learn some great tricks.

The Lishi logo is well recognized among some of the most professional locksmiths not only in Europe but around the world. With continuous development of new products they focus on developing auto locksmith tools for the latest model cars to ensure they are always up to date on the newest auto door security updates. By stocking your auto locksmith toolbox with Lishi tools you can rest assured that they will be of use time and time again. There are numerous options available and you can pick and choose Lishi standard picks based on the auto locks which you are most regularly called for. Broaden your professional services by purchasing Lishi standard picks for the latest car models and build onto your services so you never have to turn down a client ever again.

Universal Imports is an authorized distributor for some of the highest quality auto locksmith tool manufacturers including Lishi. Remember the importance of quality tools in your toolbox and that a professional auto locksmith tool can easily be recognized not only by professional locksmiths but clients as well. Improve your locksmith toolbox with quality long-lasting auto locksmith tools from Universal Imports. Delivering throughout Europe we also serve professional locksmiths in Asia and the US to build onto their business and their client base with professional quality auto locksmith tools.