Thumbturn Euro Cylinders

UAP + Zero Lift Thumbturn Euro Cylinder Locks

The Universal Imports range of UAP + Zero Lift Thumbturn Euro Cylinder Locks are especially suitable for the elderly or those with limited hand movement. They are a perfect choice for anyone that wants to be able to easily and quickly lock and unlock their door without having to fidget with keys or finding keyholes. Each of the 6 pin cylinder locks has passed the TS 007 1* BSi and offers an inexpensive solution to common break-in methods used by burglars and intruders around the globe today. In order to make this great Euro Cylinder the best it can be and deter even the most experienced burglars there are special added features which ensure your front door is secure:

 Anti-Snap: To prevent ‘Snapping’ a common destructive break in method the cylinder thumbturn lock features two anti snap lines, each located on each end of the euro lock. This way when this method is applied onto the lock it will snap at the specially cut snap line rather than exposing the mechanism of the lock and allowing easy entry.

Anti-Bump: With ‘Bumping’ being another common method and twice as damaging to the homeowner as its nearly impossible to prove that there has been forced entry the ‘zero lift’ pin feature of the thumbturn cylinder lock is a lifesaver. This pin sits much higher than the rest of the pins of the Euro lock which means that even if a bump key is used it cannot bump the last pin as it can’t touch it.

Anti-Pick: Regardless of the new break-in methods picking is still considered a major threat to homeowners and with the addition of 3 stainless steel pins with Anti-pick features on both sides of the cylinder lock ensures added security.

Anti-Drill: With the four anti-drill pins, two located in the barrel and two in the plug, on each side an intruder will require only a special drill bit that can be acquired only by professional locksmiths to drill open your Euro lock.

In addition to the above features and the great thumbturn feature the UAP + Zero Lift Thumbturn Euro Cylinder Lock has been awarded the ‘Secure by Design’ approval by the Association of Chief Police Officers and BS Kitemarked from BSi (KM 561977). If you combine one of these high security Thumbturn Euro Locks with a TS 007 2* security handle your front door will be nearly impossible to defeat. As featured on Real Radio Yorkshire, Tower FM, and Smooth Radio these fantastic high security locks from Universal Imports are the ideal choice to boost your home security system