UAP Budget Zero Lift Euro Cylinders

UAP Budget Euro Cylinder Locks

For improving home security on a budget or if you are working with a new building construction the UAP Budget Zero Lift Euro Cylinder Locks from Universal Imports are the perfect choice. With full 6 pins and anti-bump features they are a great security choice on a budget as they offer boosted door security but are very inexpensive and effective. Universal Imports has three different lock types available in the UAP Budget Zero Lift Euro Cylinder Locks range that are suitable for New Building Construction, Housing Associations, and Local Authorities. Choose the cylinder lock that best suits your needs and give any door a boost in security.

The first choice in this range of cylinder locks is the Budget Zero Lift Cylinder Lock. It’s suitable for most door sizes and suitable for composite doors. This is a low cost anti-bump cylinder lock option which is inexpensive yet effectively wards off unwanted entry. Regardless if you are a homeowner that is looking for an inexpensive secure lock option or if you are producing doors for a variety of properties this is a fantastic and low-priced door hardware. Very high in demand as today homeowners look for door hardware that has been awarded the ‘Secure by Design’ approval to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the product. This lock is easily one of the least expensive SBD options on the market, making it very popular among not only mass door producers but homeowners as well. These locks are available in a variety of sizes in both Polished Brass and Nickel finishes.  

The second options is very similar to the first however has an added feature of being a thumbturn. It’s a great choice for anyone that is looking for an easy to use cylinder lock that doesn’t require too much fidgeting with keys when it comes to locking the door on the inside. You can easily and quickly lock the door with the easy to grasp “D” shaped thumbturn which is designed for ease of use for the elderly and those with limited hand movement. Aside from the added thumbturn feature the UAP Budget Zero Lift Thumbturn Cylinder Lock is identical to the standard Budget Zero Lift Cylinder Lock. Currently Universal Imports carries the thumbturn euro cylinder locks in Nickel.

Lastly, the UAP Budget Zero Lift Half Cylinder Lock is suitable for more commercial or storage areas which allow the door to be locked only on one side. They are ideal for caretakers store rooms, broom cupboards, stock rooms, patios, and garage doors. This lock also has the same anti-bump features through the popular Zero Lift technology which ensures protection against drilling and bumping. This lock is available in brass in a number of sizes.

Universal Imports has numerous great options for homeowners, developers, and professional locksmiths in a variety of price ranges. Our UAP Budget Zero Lift Euro Cylinder Lock range is a fantastic choice for anyone interested in improving overall door security on a budget.