UAP Plus Zero Lift Euro Cylinders

UAP Zero Lift Cylinder Lock Range

The UAP Zero Lift Euro Cylinder range from Universal Imports feature a number of fantastic options such as the Irish Market Replacement Cylinders, Euro Cylinders, Thumbturn Euro Cylinders, and the Keyed Alike Cylinders that are a great value for your money and effective through a number of high security features. Each has been approved by the Secure by Design and meets the British Standard BSI Kitemarked TS007:2012 for 1 star. Each UAP Zero Lift Cylinder Lock has individual features suitable for a variety of applications and has numerous added features to improve security.

The Irish Market Replacement Cylinder Lock range is a major seller as at least 80% of homes in Ireland are fitted with these locks. This is due to the door widths in the area which require shorter cylinder locks to ensure that the door lock doesn’t protrude thus allowing for much easier entry through lock snapping. With this in mind the Irish Market Replacement Cylinder Lock was developed to help prevent forced entry through snapping, bumping, and similar burglar attacks. With features such as anti-drill, anti-bump, anti-snap, and anti-pick these are easily the most secure cylinder locks in Ireland. The 67mm door sets are available in Brass and Nickel and can be purchased with either thumbturn or without.

The Universal Imports UAP Zero Lift Euro Cylinder Lock range features a variety of choices in sizes and is available in brass or nickel. These fantastic locks are a great investment towards your front door security and ensure this through numerous added security features that help deter even the most determined intruder. Passing the TS 007 1 BS is a great low cost solution with anti-drill, anti-pick, anti-bump, and anti-snap features. They confirm to the EN1303:2005 standards and have the ‘Secure by Design’ Approval by the Association of Chief Police Officers.

Another great cylinder lock choice is the Thumbturn Cylinder range which is a fantastic option for those with limited hand movement allowing them to easily and quickly lock or unlock the door with ease. Available with the same features as the standard UAP Zero Lift Euro Cylinder Lock range these are ideal for the elderly. The Keyed Alike range is also a fantastic choice if you have two entries to the home and want identical locks on both so you have only one key to worry about. They also have the same fantastic security features as the above but come in packs of two locks and three keys.

The Universal Imports UAP range of Cylinder Locks is a great inexpensive investment towards improving overall home security regardless which lock you choose. Each comes with a number of fantastic features which ensure added security and prevent the most common entry attempts involving techniques such as picking, bumping, snapping, or drilling. Turn to Universal Imports and get the best prices on top home security brands.