Vehicle Opening Tools

Peterson Vehicle Opening Tools 

If you are a professional auto locksmith looking for a higher success rate when working with your auto locksmith tools look no further than the Peterson Vehicle Opening Tools range available at TradeLocks. Developed for success, durability, and overall impressive results Peterson tools are the number one pick for professional locksmiths in the US and quickly taking over the world. 

The Peterson Vehicle Opening Tools range features the impressive Peterson Ford 8-10 Pin Jiggler Pick. As with all other Peterson auto locksmith tools this jiggler pick is a reinvention of the standard auto jigglers and the way you use them. This is achieved through improving your jiggle action using the overall length of real “worn key” and the pivoting on a screw type rivet.

Designed to work yet fit perfectly any pick set in size the Peterson Ford 8-10 Pin Jiggler Pick set has impressed thousands of locksmiths with claims of its 80% success rate and overall effectiveness in opening exterior auto doors. What makes it even more impressive is that each pick is manufactured of the durable Government Stainless Steel which has made the Peterson brand so popular in developing durable tools that outlast all others.

Though Peterson tools have been around for quite some time in the US, they are just recently branching out around the globe and offering their fantastic lock tools to professional locksmiths around the world. TradeLocks is among the first to make the Peterson brand available to professional domestic and auto locksmiths in the UK and ensures that they won’t fall short in impressing with each of their great tools.

Being ready with the right vehicle opening tools is an essential part to working on the field and offering fast and effective service to your clients. Part of that is stocking your toolbox with quality auto locksmith tools from brands such as Peterson to ensure that you are ready to take on any job and be successful every time.