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The MAX6MUM SECURITY Window Security range offered by Universal Imports consists of high quality Sash Jammers and Baby and Child Window-Safe Restrictors. As with all MAX6MUM SECURITY products they are low cost and quick window security additions for any household wishing to increase home security and safety. With little to no skill required, few tools, and with easy to follow step by step installation instructions the Sash Jammers can easily be fitted onto any uPVC door or window. The quality Child Window-Safe Restrictor can be fitted onto any type of door or window just as easily.

If you are looking for a fast home security solution that is at a reasonable price yet very effective and easy to install the Sash Jammers and Window Restrictors are the ideal choice. They will help both protect your home from possible intruders as well as keep your children safe from falling out of windows with the fantastic Window Restrictors. Each is developed for effectiveness and easy use and installation.

Both of these door and window security products come with a one year mechanical guarantee so as to ensure that if there are any issues or faults detected during the first year of ownership and installation we can deal with them and if necessary replace the product. Over 4,000 children younger than 15 suffer from accidents from falling out of a window was reported by the Royal Association of the Prevention of Accidents and with a small investment and quick installation of a Child Window-Safe Restrictor can make all the difference.

Don’t take the risk of your child falling out of a window due to mere curiosity or playing around and prevent intruders from entering through doors and windows that are not properly secure. Window security is just as important as door security when it comes to improving your overall home security system and by turning to MAX6MUM SECURITY you get guaranteed quality, durability, effectiveness, and easy installation and use right along with an affordable price. Universal Imports strives to provide the quality products of MAX6MUM SECURITY world-wide and ensure that every home throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas is well secure, safe, and protected.